– Totoro Pot size 6′ inch wide 6′ inch tall (inclusive lamp poll)
– Totoro pot size with Fittonia, approximately 8′ inch wide 8′ inch tall
– LED on lamp poll can switch between white or yellow, batteries included
– Each set comes with Fittonia plant in Totoro pot with imported Japanese Bonsai soil
– This setup ensures easy upkeep, with just thorough watering once a week and misty spray in alternate days for fresh green leafs
– Suitable for office desk, study desk, bathroom or wall shelf
– Plant size varies but for sure looks like a tree in the pot for Totoro!
Pls call AlexLoh 0162010089 for COD or further enquiries.



I know Hock Seng since 2007. From then until now, the whole gang all gathered around with ‘offsprings’, I couldn’t help feeling nothing but ahhem, ‘younger’. Able to witness this moment of his life, nothing short of but spectacular for me. It was indeed a simple yet elegant, casual yet heartfelt wedding ceremony.


I know Dave and Christine way back since…. wow, it was so long that I cant really recall which year. When he call me up, saying wanna engage me as their official photographer for the day, I wonder how greatly blessed Im to have a job/hobby at the same time. This gift, blessed by God, enables me to witness/capturing precious moments of the people around me, at the same time, able to make ends meet. Of course I was invited for this event but rather as a guess, able to contribute what I do best, makes me feel blessed than ever. I hope through my eyes, I can help them relive this very moment of their life in years to come.


This was an exhibition held in conjunction to The Ram Jam Festival 2018 (15th July 2018), by Tigamoto at The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya. The event consists of many classic bikes from all parts of the world and I was so impressed by the setup with spot lights and detail description of the origin of the bikes and features. Not to mention the space available for visitors to check out the bike in detail, while taking pictures and videos are allowed too. On top of that models posing beside ultimate machines are the best combination of beast and beauty. It was really an honour to be invited to photograph the event for #Tigamoto.


I know Morris Wong since my college days. From my roommate to a father of two, I have witness so many events in his life that make me feel old and yet, cherish the days we spent together, exploring photography, fishing, driving to Genting after midnight, enjoy McD Big breakfast when they just started breakfast at 4am. In fact, he was the one who pushed me fall into the world of DSLR when I was still playing semipro camera, Kodak Z7590. Hahaha… those were the days.

His elder daughter, Summer was shy at first whereas Abby, cuteness to the max all the way. After warming up, Summer 180′ changed, she was so natural when posing infront of the camera and thats the girl her father know. So glad everyone can be natural during the session.


During the photo session for the Lee’s family, Introducing the adorable twins, 雨叡 & 雨宸. I have the feeling of appreciation that children are truly God’s blessing. Also being parents really not easy. The kind of preparation works to have baby really plays vital role, along with tiny little things that built the baby’s character. I can see the fruit of their efforts are obvious and yet the road still long ahead.

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